Alexandra Mayer


Patrick Culkeen

FAQS, Fun Facts, and Riddles

· Dress code for the wedding is Rustic Heady-Chic, Formal-Casual-Western-Hipster, Modern-Vintage, Wook-Lite.
· Please consider the remoteness of the venue before traveling, especially if staying on site! While there is a general store a few miles away, it has just the basics (snacks, ice, beer, wolf t-shirts) and limited hours. There are a few small local restaurants and cafes in the nearby area but any major shopping/dinning or otherwise is hours away in any direction, so bring what you need! For all of our invited guests (staying on site or not!) we will provide dinner Tuesday evening, a light meal on Wednesday early in the day, dinner at the reception on Wednesday evening, and a light breakfast before checkout on Thursday. Please plan ahead for all other meals and snacks. All cabins on site have full kitchens as well as communal kitchens in the lodges, and there are a few restaurants and cafes a few miles away.
· What can run but never walks, has a mouth and never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?
· Cell service on site is non-existent or extremely limited/unreliable. There is Wi-Fi on the property and in the lodges/cabins but it can be spotty. Plan ahead to unplug!
· No pets are allowed on the property (unless your name is Molly Jane Muppet Bleam or Abigail Rico Scraggles Bleam).
· August in the Cascades usually averages around mid 80s during the day with cool nights, but weather can be all over the place in this region so keep your peepers on the forecast before traveling or prepare for any and all weather!
· Loloma is known for its incredibly clean, fresh, and plentiful spring water. No need to be bring water! Plastic water bottles are banned at Loloma, so please don't bring any. We will have cups and re-usable bottles for use.
· The majestic McKenzie River is 90 miles long and drains part of the Cascade Range as it flows westward into the Willamette Valley. For about 8,000 years, the McKenzie was home to several Native Americans tribes. Its modern day name is after Donald McKenzie, a Canadian fur trader who lead the first recorded exploration of the area in the spring of 1812, but most of the McKenzie River remained largely unvisited by white settlers and explorers until October 1853 when a group of Oregon Trail settlers became lost trying to cross the Cascades.
· Late August is the height of fire season in this region, please plan to be careful around any campfires and if you are a smoker stay away from buildings and only smoke in designated areas. When smoking NEVER put out or leave any type of butt or other flammable device on the ground. This one is SUPER serious as Oregon has had several devestating fires over the past few years, most of which have been started by human negligance. Don't piss off Smokey Bear!
· Swimming in the river is a great way to cool off during the day and there is some amazing hot springs just a few miles down the road. Bring yo' trunks!
· STAY TUNED (or just ask when getting closer to traveling!) for area recommendations for hikes, sight seeing, outdoor recreation, fortune tellers, etc. There are endless amazing things to do and see for miles and miles in any direction. We absolutely love this area and the Pacific Northwest and are exited for our traveling family and friends to see a little slice.
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